International Chapel - Paris (18)

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To welcome the sky into the heart of the block: to offer qualities of view and light for the greatest number of dwellings and to limit the constraints of promiscuity.

On the scale of the city, taking into account the large landscape open to the roads as well as the privileged vista on the Montmartre hill with the Sacred Heart in focus; also taking into account, , the confluence of urban demands and rhythms that are part of the site.
On the scale of the city, address the large landscape open to the roads and the privileged viewpoint on the Montmartre hillock with the Sacré-Coeur as a focal point; also take into account the confluence of urban demands and rhythms that are inscribed on the site.
On the scale of the development plan, adapting to the recommendations of the area by offering a basis of SOHO that dialogues with the public space and can be assimilated in the overall composition, and strictly respecting the expected templates and finally, accompanying and reinforcing the network of public spaces and the presence of vegetation.
At the neighborhood level, take into account the close proximity of neighboring towers, favoring accomplice movements between them. rather than aggregation of volumes,
At the scale of the island, asserting the dialogue between two architectural ensembles with distinct signatures, and yet capable of promoting a coherent and differentiated interaction at the same time.
At the level of each housing programme, offering individual and collective living quality and various and adaptive living spaces and comfort.

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CoBe, Gausa Raveau, Studetech, Franck Boutté

Competition October 2014