Mission of coordinating architect in PANTIN (93) on the ASPP site.


Situated between an emblematic city - Les Courtilières, a suburban district, residential aera, a football stadium and a busy main road, the North Pantin plot raises a real question: How to create a dense urban development project that enhances the heterogeneity of the surrounding urban make-up? How to succeed in the challenge of bringing in new inhabitants by creating an attractive and radiant site? This project implies thinking of a new model whose urban quality, in connection with its environment, federates the neighbourhood by allowing everyone to benefit from existing assets (facilities, schools, university, the new Grand Paris train station).

To tackle this problem, we have designed a new neighbourhood with a strong identity and a shape that stands out from the surrounding areas: A large open island crossed in its length by a "diagonal". This axis, partly pedestrian, offers several advantages. Residents will be able to take this shortcut to get to the future Grand Paris metro station located nearby (400m). In addition, it will make it possible to serve, from the inside, blocks of buildings of varying volumes and heights, thus qualifying the addresses of the residents.

Urban project - Consultation, mission of coordinating architect

Program 30,000 m² of housing + medical centre

MO cogedim SEMIP

Team CoBe Architecture and Landscape Agent / EPDC Bet