IMGP 2 - De Lattre site in Bondy (93)

IMGP 2 - CoBe retained in the second round


De Lattre – Downtown – Bondy (93)
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Situated in the town centre of Bondy, the site belongs to the rapidly changing territory of the Plaine de l'Ourcq and in particular the Gallieni Avenue. Listed within the perimeter of the PRU De Lattre de Tassigny, the site consists of a bar of social housing that will be demolished by 2019. Currently served by several bus lines, it will benefit from improved accessibility with the arrival of the TZEN 3 in 2022 and line 15 to the Pont de Bondy in 2027. This site is intended to provide a link between Bondy city centre and the Ourcq canal. The aim is to develop an urban continuity between the north and south of the town through a mixed programme: housing, shops, a popular education centre focused on multi-lingualism and a city stadium.