Eco-Quartier Les Groues – Orléans (45)

CoBe has been commissioned by Orléans Métropole to continue its reflection initiated in 2013 on the future eco-district of Les Groues. Located in the north-west quadrant of the urban area, straddling the communes of Orléans and Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle, the former military site represents a 40 hectare land reserve, only 2 km away from Orléans town centre.

It represents a great opportunity to propose an original housing offer that enables Orléans families to find affordable housing in the heart of the city, to create a neighbourhood that preserves and enhances the natural areas that make up its richness and to complete the range of amenities in adjacent neighbourhoods to create a close link with its environment.

This new study will make it possible to refine the project, to share it through a process of consultation with the inhabitants and to anchor it in the operations with the aim of creating a ZAC in 2018.

Mission assistance to urban project management for the development of the Groues eco-district

Project Contractor Orléans Métropole

Project Manager CoBe Urbanisme & CoBe Paysage / Verdi, BET