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AMI Finalist CoBe Draw me Toulouse Château de Paléficat

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The Château de Paléficat site is located in one of the last agricultural areas of the Toulouse conurbation. The CoBe agency is laying the first stone of a future major urban development project based on three themes: Cultivating - Cooking - Learning. The project, which respects the existing nature, organises housing and facilities around a large playful and cultivated park.
The castle, a radiating and metropolitan element, will host an eco-responsible culinary institute.

Team Icade synergies urbaines | CoBe Architecture et Paysage | Etamine, BET environnemental | Biocenys, BET biodiversité | Deyrolle, Consultant label Nature-Art-Education | Catherine Barrier, cabinet conseil en Gastronomie | Cueillette Urbaine, Agriculture Urbaine | HabFab, maîtrise d'usages.

Program Eco-responsible Culinary Institute | Cultivated park (market gardening/grocery) | School group | Housing | Mixed use centre with health centre / crèche / grocery shop

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