Zac des coteaux de la marne - Torcy (77)

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The municipality of Torcy is located about twenty kilometres east of Paris in the heart of Marne-la-Vallée. The Coteaux de la Marne Zac is marked by five distinct areas: the Pied de Coteau to the north, the Orchard to the west, the plane trees to the east, and to the south is the Plateau and the Prairie arborée.
The subject cannot be reduced to the simple design of a place immersed in a green environment. The real thinking behind this development project lies in the enhancement of what could present itself as a new alternative to the commonly existing places: the city, the countryside and, halfway between these first two typologies, the peri-urban areas.

Each building is composed of small volumes of variable size placed on a concrete base that adapts to the slope. The buildings on the north side are less imposing in height on the street side and have different levels on which various outdoor spaces are interspersed. Each apartment has an extension on the outside, in the form of loggias or balconies. The apartments on the upper floors offer spectacular views of the skyline from their terraces and attics.

In a desire to "pool" the site, the layout of the central common space, deployed between the two bodies of the building, is entirely pedestrian.
The paths get around the trees, tracing as many invitations to walk or stroll. At the bends of specific events that punctuate its course, the place becomes a storyteller and medium development trees and cepeps, levelling the foliage at moderate heights. They confer to the place narrow spaces, at the walker's scale. Outdoor spaces are truly federative, capable of impregnating the project with the quality necessary to motivate appropriation by the inhabitants. Our project takes place in a context that could be described more as landscape urbanism than urban landscape.

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99 housing units: 74 housing units in accession (4,901 m²)
and 25 social housing units (1,663 m²)

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